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Tenawa celebrates opening near Haven

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Joey Young


HAVEN—Over a year of construction, several

hundred million dollars in costs, and lots

of anticipation came to a head on Friday

when Tenawa Resource Management

celebrated opening the Tenawa Haven Gas

Plant with a ribbon cutting at its facility on

the edge of Haven.


“Haven is delighted that you chose us to be

your home,” Haven Mayor Paula Scott said

during the ceremony. “We are looking

forward to a long relationship.”


The Haven gas plant began commercial

operation on May 15, 2015, and extracts

liquid hydrocarbons from natural gas

gathered from across Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. The plant is capable of processing up to 1.4 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day and is one of the most fuel efficient and flexible facilities in the world.

“To be able to build a plant in Kansas, the heartland, is one of my proudest moments in my life,” plant designer Greg Ameringer said. “It is a joy to be here.”


The ribbon cutting celebration brought folks from the City of Haven, Haven Economic Development, Haven Chamber of Commerce, Reno County/Hutchinson Chamber of Commerce, OneOK, Black Hills Energy, Westar, Reno County Commissioner James Schlickau, area representatives Joe Sewiert and Terry Bruce, as well as Kansas Deputy Secretary of Commerce Steve Kelly and Lieutenant Governor Jeff Colyer, to name a few.


“This is an incredible opportunity,” Kelly said. “Facility like this is important to the economy and is a great opportunity for Haven, but the state as a whole.”


After the ribbon cutting, Ameringer invited those in attendance for a shrimp boil lunch with Carriage Crossing cinnamon rolls for dessert.


Tenawa permanently employs 10 people in Haven, but during construction several hundred from the area were employed and contributing to the local economy.