Haven Gas Plant

Tenawa Haven Gas Plant – Haven, KS

Serving the Midcontinent region, Tenawa Haven, the largest gas plant in the Midcontinent, is a 1.3 Bcfd cryogenic gas plant located in Haven, KS and straddling the Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line system.  The Tenawa Haven Plant has far reaching access to various plays within the Midcontinent including the Hugoton, Granite Wash, Cana and Mississippi Lime in three states and over thirty counties.


The super-efficient Haven Plant provides industry leading Ethane Reject capabilities, high Ethane Recoveries and super low fuel usage. For more information, please contact Greg Ameringer at gameringer@tenawa-rm.com


Local/Haven Plant Contact:

Bill Parkhurst; Plant Manager

(620) 464-4200


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Tenawa Haven Plant
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